A career at TM4


A Career at TM4 (french)

At TM4, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of a clean, efficient and high-performance technology. You will also have the opportunity to make a personal difference, because at TM4, there are always new and interesting challenges. We support our employees and support opportunities to develop their knowledge. We invest in training by assuming the cost of customized training and professional development activities relevant to their work.

Introduction to TM4 CO150 inverter

TM4 is offering its CO150 traction inverter as part of its MOTIVE electric and hybrid powertrain systems, but it has also been adapted to many third-party motors and generators. Used in several automotive, commercial vehicle and motorsport applications, the CO150 is a versatile and very powerful motor controller with an unmatched current density.

Get more torque with the new SUMO MD

TM4 introduces three new SUMO MD powertrain models that offer an increase of up to 45% in torque and speed, thanks to a new technological advancement.

INSIDE TM4 - Testing Facilities

TM4 has a 400 m2 testing area dedicated to the full validation and certification of its electric motors, generators and power electronics. State of the art equipment is available to assist, test and validate any type of electric motor.

TM4 introduces the NEURO 200 vehicle controller

TM4 has introduced the new fully programmable TM4 NEURO 200 vehicle controller (also called VCU or VMU) designed specifically for electric and hybrid vehicles. Engineered according to ISO26262 principles, economical prototyping to production is achieved in a Simulink® environment using the new TM4 SynApps platform.

Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems - Electric Motor Manufacturing

This video shows the manufacturing process of TM4's electric motor and inverters at its Chinese Joint Venture, Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems (PEPS). Leveraging TM4’s licensed technologies, PEPS develops, manufactures and markets hybrid and electric motor systems for the Chinese market.

100% electric school bus

The eLion is the result of a collaboration between four compagnies from Quebec:  TM4 on supplying the motor, CNTA on developing the electric drivetrain, B3CG on providing the battery packs and Bus Lion. It is the first electric school bus of Type C to be produced in America.

TM4 electric powertrain technologies for buses and commercial vehicles

This video showcase TM4's products for buses and trucks electrification and hybridization, such as electric motors / generators, motor controllers / inverters units and vehicle controllers.

Electric Bus in China

Prestolite E-Propulsion System (PEPS), TM4's Chinese joint venture with Prestolite Electric Beijing Ltd (PEBL), has successfully completed commissioning of multiple electric bus prototypes powered by TM4 licensed technologies in China.