Hardware features

  • Low power consumption
  • 57 configurable I/O , including:
    • Dual brake and accelerator pedal inputs
    • Dual drive selector inputs
    • Up to 3 CAN communication ports
    • 2 LIN/OBD2 diagnostic ports


Software features

  • TM4 MOTIVE™ and SUMO™ control and supervision
  • Convenient diagnostic function and support tool
  • Advanced vehicle management control for performance, comfort and drivability
  • Easily adaptable to various vehicle peripherals (battery, ABS, instrument cluster)
  • Flexible I/O configuration
  • Failure management protection


TM4 offers VMU software development services to its MOTIVE and SUMO electric traction  system customers looking for a fully-compatible vehicle management system optimized for operation in conjunction with other TM4 products. Please contact us to learn more about the possibilities of adapting NEURO to your project.

Customization project requirements (pdf)


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