Introducing TM4 MOTIVETM


  • 3-phase permanent magnet radial flux motor
  • Outer rotor topology for maximum torque density
  • Low electro-magnetic audible noise
  • Low-cogging and ripple torque for better NVH
  • Thermal protection
  • Sinusoidal EMF
  • Multiple compatible gearboxes



  • Medium (450 Vdc) or high (750 Vdc) voltage inverter
  • 3-phase inverters
  • ReflexTM gate driver technology for high power and current densities
  • Variable switching frequency


TM4 MOTIVETM series is an efficient turnkey solution created expressly for a range of electric and hybrid applications, with emphasis on light-duty vehicle platforms, such as:

  • Passenger cars
  • Motorsports
  • Quad bikes
  • Light duty commercial vehicles
  • Auxiliary motors for commercial vehicles

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  • System protection:  IP 6K9K
  • Max coolant temperature: 65°C
  • Coolant type: 40/60 water-glycol
  • Toxic materials and flammability: ROHS, ELV, UL94-V0
  • External corrosion resistance: Salt spray, gravel, chemical products

Gearbox compatibility

  • GKN eAxles (HY)
  • GKN eTransmissions (EV)
  • BorgWarner 31-03 eGearDrive™



MOTIVE MV80: 27 kg
MOTIVE MV255:  37.5 kg
CO150: 12 kg

MOTIVE MV80: 249 x 278 x 237 mm
MOTIVE MV255: 249 x 278 x 281 mm
CO150: 300 x 110 x 416 mm

Peak power (KW)4085
Continuous power (KW)2750
Operating speed (RPM)0-117500-10250
Continuous torque (NM)5095
Peak torque (NM)80255
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Optimized for Light vehicles

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