4 new powertrain options available with increased performances

Maggie Parisé
October 18 2017

TM4 is adding 4 new electric powertrain options with increased performance within its SUMO family of products:


These new motor and inverter combinations have been optimized in terms of power, torque and speed.

Within the SUMO HD line, the new SUMO HD HV3500 allows up to 350 kW of peak power, an increase of over 100 kW compared to the most powerful system already offered by TM4.

Within the SUMO MD line, the new  SUMO MD HV1800, HV2200 and HV2400 offer 170, 200 and 240 kW of peak power and 1770,2200 and 2300 Nm of peak torque.

The SUMO family now offers a total of 11 powertrain options,  each optimized to offer the best efficiencies for different vehicle platform and duty cycles.

This year marks the 5th anniversary of this family of products. Read this blog article to learn more about its evolution and where we’re heading.

Maggie Parisé

Maggie Parisé

Marketing Manager at TM4 Inc.
HEC Montreal graduate, Maggie Parisé joined TM4 in 2013 and is now in charge of marketing initiatives. At TM4, her interest for sustainable mobility meets her innate love for creativity.
Maggie Parisé

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