Medium & heavy duty vehicles

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«With their superior efficiency, performance, competitive price and maintenance-free lifecycle, the TM4 SUMO powertrains are enabling our customers to get a faster ROI. »

Burak Onur, Technology Manager at TEMSA Global.


Urban transit will be largely EV by 2025. Metropolitan cities are moving toward electric and hybrid buses with government support to improve air quality and reduce noise.

TM4 SUMOTM direct-drive electric powertrains are specifically designed for 6-18 meter buses. These high-torque permanent magnet motors are designed to interface directly with standard rear differential without the need for an intermediate gearbox.


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Commercial Vehicles

Inner-city delivery vehicles are perfect candidates for electrification and hybridization. Their itinerary is local, planned, short (usually less than 100 km per day), includes starts/stops and they park in a depot at night, which allows for full recharge of the vehicle.

TM4 SUMOTM direct-drive electric powertrains are perfect for delivery trucks, garbage trucks and municipal fleet work trucks, to name just a few.


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