Underground mining

Underground metal mines can generate significant revenues in Canada. In 2010, they provided $7.4 billion to the Canadian economy. For the industry to remain competitive, operating costs must be lowered, such as ventilation expenses related to underground extraction processes.

Underground mining diesel-powered vehicles emit pollutants and require extremely high underground ventilation costs. The deeper the mines, the more expensive the ventilation systems are, representing over 40% of total operating costs.

Several active mines have deeper deposits that may be accessible, but with conventional technologies, there would be no ROI. Electrification of underground mining vehicles would allow new sites to be exploited and existing sites to continue operating for a longer duration at lower operating costs. Health and wellness of workers is also a major part of the equation.


Our expertise

Light to medium-duty vehicles

Peak power : 162-265 kW
Max torque : 1600-3255 Nm

Heavy-duty vehicles

Peak power : 350
Max torque : 2700-3500 Nm